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Original AT750 series Convertible bonding machines

Sew Systems are the original designers of garment bonding machines, working in conjunction with BEMIS, to be able to glue garments seams together instead of sewing. We designed and then Patented the machines that feature two continuous heated silicon belts and both top and bottom hot air. The combination of these 4 heating zones allows the seams to bond the fibres of the fabrics with adhesive that also contains a n Elastomeric layer. Giving soft feel seams, ideal for Lingerie and close fitting sportswear, as well as stretch and recovery to keep its shape and fit.


We designed the machines to be versatile and to be fitted with lots of different fittings in order to cover many different operations.


It is primarily used to apply adhesive AT750KV, or to turn over and bond down a hem or lap seam as a 2nd operation AT750V machine. Because it has the patented silicon belt heating system, it allows you to produce garments without the need for manual pressing after.


The machine is available with a  manual or an electronic metering device, which is integrally linked with the machine electronics, so that it can be used for applying elastic or tapes with differential setting adjustable around the garment.

Standard Models available

AT750V - Bonding machine with heated belts in 7, 12, 20 and 30mm width

AT750KV - side knife lay down Bonding machine with 20mm wide bottom heated belts and top drop roller belt foot in either 7mm 12mm and 20mm


All machines available with and electronic metering for tensioning and applying adhesive, decorative tapes, coated fabrics and coated elastics, with drag or slack fed.


All the machines can be converted to each other, making your investment safe and future proofed.


Other models listed below

This range of machines can be easily converted between models, to ensure a full usage and safe investment. When fitting different machine conversions with all the different heated belts and rollers setups its possible to bond a lot of different types of seams with one machine type.

This range of machines is now being replaced by the even more versatile AT900 series, using the same  interchangeable fittings

AT900R - Roller Bonding Machine
This machine is designed for bra cup hemming over and can be fitted with a heated 7mm or 12mm heated belt drop roller foot and a soft silicon bottom roller so it doesn't damage the soft foam cup, whilst using hot air to pre warm the fabric and activate the adhesive in the hem

AT900KV - Bonding machine with Side knife for laying down adhesive, decorative tapes, coated fabrics and coated elastics onto the garment edge, while trimming the fabric level with the adhesive edge. It uses heated belts in 7mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm width and is available with electronic metering.

AT900RRBM - Bonding machine with Side mounted metering system and heated binding guide, for bonded edge binding using coated elastics and fabrics..

This machine has a roller drive system for ease of cornering, but can also be set up on a heated belt setup.

AT750KF - Flat foot and plate side knife machine for laying down adhesive, decorative tapes, coated fabrics and coated elastics onto the garment edge, while trimming the fabric level with the adhesive edge. It uses long flat heated belts in 20mm and 30mm width to fully bond the edge so no final pressing operation is needed

AT750FOA - Bonding machine. Now adapted to use the new versatile touch screen controls. With a fixed angled arm for closing legs which  still has the same heated belt system, which allows free passage of closed side seams, garment arms and legs through the machine.

With this having heated belts it is very versatile and allows you to both hem and seam cover on the one machine.

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