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SSU3010RD Ultrasonic sewing machine

This 30khz roller ultrasonic machine is driven by a rotating horn and a patterned top roller. With both top and bottom Rollers being mounted vertically, this gives a positive narrow width drive for a perfectly flat finish.

30khz output power unit with no ultrasonic sound because of the higher frequency.

The top roller can be changed to different emboss/cut patterns or for cutting and joining fabrics. Replacing traditional needles and threads, it also eliminates  the associated problems with the needles puncturing the fabric to sew. This is especially good for PPE, non woven gowns and safety equipment and means the seams don't have to be over taped.

High tech horn & roller treatment process gives tooling a long life and a Marked Increase in quality and productivity.

Ideal for cutting and simultaneously joining two fabric layers to be opened to create flat seams and over taped

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