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SS1045RD High Pressure scissor bonding press with vacuum bed 1000x450mm

SS1045RD   high pressure heat press basic details


The top and bottom bucks are CNC milled for accuracy and flatness with a bed size of 1000x450mm, although different sizes can be requested.


The patented led Plc control system is simple to use and has recordable programming functions and lets you program time pressure and vacuum independently.


The Scissor action of the press is boosted by an extra pressure cylinder to achieve a much higher pressure than a standard scissor press and is fully adjustable.


The temperature of the head buck is adjustable from room temperature up to 200c degrees


The top buck is Teflon coated and the bottom is covered by knitted cover + needle felt + silicone pad


The press is fully guarded by a safety protection system

High pressure is achieved by the development of an extra pressure cylinder, which pushes upwards once the head is locked in position. It is essential when bonding textiles to have enough heat and pressure.

QP-1045RD press.jpg
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