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AT850KHM Lay down bonding machine

The AT850K machine applies adhesive film to the edge of a garment and trims the excess fabric level with the adhesive edge to give a clean finish.


While applying the adhesive film, the machine can be set to pull in the garment edge slightly to achieve a flat final bond.

With running speeds capable of up to 8.5 meters per minute and up to 6 differential speed adjustments in each program. The machine benefits from having a wide range of heated chutes and Soft silicon drive rollers, allowing the machine to be used to bond complex shapes with ease.

The machine has very simple operator touch screen controls and graphic multi language interface and is perfect for bonding all types of lingerie, sportswear, and compression garments as well as waterproof and outerwear garments.


Model shown is the AT850KHM with an extra front swing in/swing out hot air blower for applying hot air onto higher melt adhesives, coated fabrics and elastics, where the heat has to be directly applied to the adhesive.


An be used to lay down from 4mm up to 30mm adhesive with the correct fittings



Electronic metering system for applying different tension settings in a single seam.

Front in/out hot air heater

AT850KHM Lay down bonding machine
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