Small vertical bonding heat press


Hot/cold small bed bonding press


Arm bed vertical heat press


Large bed vertical press


Large bed scissor press


Finger bed scissor press

Vertical and scissor heat bonding presses

We supply a large range of  flat presses to work alongside our range of garment bonding machines, with  some  operations being more suited to press bonding, such as flat panels and long seams on legs arms and side seams.



We have a wide variety of presses, from small area, small form vertical presses, available in different bed sizes, to large bed vertical presses with vacuum beds for positioning and post cooling



We have vertical presses with post cooling hot/cold options, from a single post switch to cold press, to a swing hot and cold.head press.



We have a range of easy access scissor high pressure presses with vacuum, as well as a double leg arm type scissor press.



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