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Sew Systems

One of our flagship services is Engineering Design and development. We bring a deep understanding of many industries, and come up with tailored solutions for each client.

We can offer 3D and one off prototype development, right down to actual production - call us today to find out more.

We produce a range of world leading garment Bonding machines and were the original designers of the first machine to do so. Ultrasonic machines and development and conversion of existing machinery to use ultrasonic is also a speciality of ours. 

We also consult and design and develop specialised bonded garments, electronic integrated garments and offer production of small quantities of sewn and bonded cutting edge concept garments and products. From health feedback to specialised prosthetic limb development - we get involved with many different projects and industries.

Electronic integrated garments

Safety and medical garment development

Development to production

Laser cutting service

Sportswear development - Bonded garments

Showroom development rental

Sportswear development - Bonded garments

Engineering development and production

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