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Bondable sports GPS unit Pockets I

Sew Systems manufactures heat Bondable padded sports GPS tracker pockets. No stitching showing through the garment, fully bonded with your GPS unit fully security tabbed in place


These textile padded pockets can be used with most GPS units, including Apex, Stat sports, Catapult or other player tracking GPS units for bonding onto back of the neck on Rugby, football athletics tops. Designed to be bonded inside the back of the outer layer and made from padded stretch material for comfort.

They can be supplied as a pocket only, ready for you to bond onto you own shirts or we can bond them to your shirts for you as a service. Further development to customers own specification is also an option

Used by many top name Rugby, football clubs right down to single Athletes with the need for GPS tracking from a best placed comfortable padded bonded pocket.

Ask about our newly developed ladies sports bra gps pouch, that fits to your existing sports bra!

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