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AT820 Bra cup hemming over Bonding machine

The AT820 machine is primarily designed for bonding down the hem on the edge of a 3D foam cup.


The machine comes with a hot air blowers and has the capability of adding more temperature zones if required.

The two drive rollers allow for the bonding of complex shapes, turning with ease. The back up the bonding area is open to allow the curvature of the cup to move freely.


The 6 pre programmable differential speeds give you ultimate control of your garment on very user friendly machine.


The AT820 machine can also be used for hemming the edge of various garments such as panties, bra wings, sleeves and shirts etc


With good running speeds and multiple temperature zones there is no other machine to compare.


Models Available - AT820C for bra cups or AT820F for flat shapes

Ideal for lingerie, sportswear, and compression garments as well as waterproof and outerwear garments


Machine Features & development


Bond widths up to 12mm

Hot Air blower

Up to 5 meters a minute

Simple to use.

Optional raised work plate


This machine applies heat with hot air and independently

driven silicon rollers

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