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28 khz Ultrasonic machine
20 khz Ultrasonic machine

All new design of sewing head, higher & narrower, makes it very easy to see the sewing point clearly and give better access for 3D shapes


Ideal for sew free one piece underwear, PPE and non woven and eliminates the puncture problems, associate with needles and thread. Creates cut and sealed seams impervious to fluids.


High tech horn & roller treatment process, for better wear life. Extremely easy to change and adjust the roller balance and depth when changing to a different design or fabric.


Roller can be changed to give different cut and seal or pattern emboss and cut and join solution.

Great for joining contrasting fabrics to open into flat seams for sportswear and body sculpting garments.


The SSU-015 20khz Ultrasonic machine is more powerful that the 28khz pictured above but looks and works the same.

It is ideal for filter bag assembly and allows you to both join fabrics and with the correct tool, join and cut off the waste simultaneously. 

Includes a length position sensor so repeat patterns can be reproduced easily for logos and text pattern rollers.

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