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SSV-38 Switchable arm Hot Air Seam Seal Machine

This universal Hot Air Seam Sealing machine is designed for heat sealing PU tapes onto sewn seams on items such as Rainwear/Outerwear,  Active wear (skiing, snowboarding, cycling, sailing, climbing, paddling sports, hiking, hunting/fishing, golfing) Industrial work-wear, Waders, Tents, Military garments & gear, Hazardous Material Protective Suits. 


It is fitted with 2 independently selectable arms to give you either a post type machine, or at the press of a switch, it converts itself to a side arm roller machine, ideal for every aspect of seam taping something like a jacket and cuffs etc.

The speed of the soft silicon coated fully adjustable upper and lower wheels, can be adjusted with differential speed if needed.

It has a  multi-function touchscreen display  for clear display of speed, temperature, operations and programming.

When the working temperature is set to blow from above so the bottom roller arms can be switched over as you seam

For safety, the exterior of the heating pipe is air cooled and the heating element has overrun protection for a prolonged element life cycle. 

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