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SSU2805 Handheld ultrasonic unit

Handheld Ultrasonic unit for joining, bar tacking, /sealing/ reworking manmade textiles

This 28Khz ultrasonic unit is very user friendly and has many applications. We can design tooling shape and finish to suit your application. Some usual applications are end of seam sealing/bar tacking, elastic attaching and joining many man made fabrics, particularly useful for Face masks and PPE, Lingerie, sport wear, waterproof garments, non-woven, satin, ribbons, surgical masks, lace etc


Models available 28khz ultrasonic unit in power options of 300w, 500w and 800watt Available with tooling made with your own specific design or Logo. Can be used to emboss names or patterns as well as to reinforce and seal seam ends

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