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SSV-3+ Hot Air Seam Seal Machine
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Hot Air Seam Sealing machine is designed for heat sealing PU tapes onto sewn seams on items such as Rainwear/Outerwear,  Active wear (skiing, snowboarding, cycling, sailing, climbing, paddling sports, hiking, hunting/fishing, golfing) Industrial work-wear, Waders, Tents, Military garments & gear, Hazardous Material Protective Suits. 


This mid range machine is driven with three separate stepper motors, with driven tape feeder giving tension free flow of the PU tape.

The speed of the soft silicon coated fully adjustable upper and lower wheels, can be adjusted with differential speed if needed.

It has a Large  multi-function display with high definition screen for for clear display of speed, temperature, operations and programming.


Speed, temperature and actions controlled by PLC and are easy to adjust for accurate sealing.  

Both the front and tailed-end length of the tape after cutting, can be easily adjusted according as required.

Tail-end of seam sealing tape can be both finished automatically or manually.


When the working temperature is set, the PLC looks after this control, keeping

the temperature fluctuation accurate.

For safety, the exterior of the heating pipe is air cooled and the heating element has overrun protection for a prolonged element life cycle. 

Machine pictured has a bottom roller mounted from both sides. However some applications are better suited to different types of roller mountings below

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