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AT850 series

AT850 series laydown bonding machines

AT850KVM 2 (1).png
AT820 series

AT820 series cup hamming bonding       machine

AT900 series

AT900 Touchscreen convertible bonding machine series

AT750TFOA_LI (2).png

Feed off the arm machines


Feed off the arm machine

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Customer lead parts development

For all machines

Sew systems developed the original concept of garment bonding using hot melt adhesive tapes, with the introduction of our range of garment bonding machines.

All of our Bonding machines are designed and built in the UK from high quality components and manufacturing processes.

Our machines are the most versatile on the market, with multiple widths and setups spread across our interchangeable range of machines. Almost all of our machines can be converted to perform multiple different bonding methods. 

Bonding holds many advantages over sewn seams


Sewfree bonds are up to 6% lighter than traditional sewn seams. They can reduce overall seam weight up to 30% when dry. And Sewfree will absorb 50- 60% less of its original weight when wet.


Rigorous lab and field testing have proven Sewfree bonds are as strong or stronger than sewn seams. When tested on a tensile machine, the fabric gives before Sewfree does.


Sewfree bonds are up to 40% less restrictive than sewn seams and offer excellent stretch and recovery. That means more freedom of movement, more comfort and fewer distractions.


Hydrostatic testing shows Sewfree improves water resistance. Because it’s bonded there are no stitch holes for water to seep into. It keeps your customers drier. And happier

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