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SSV-1 Base level Hot Air Seam Seal Machine
Sew System Art V-1mod.png

Hot Air Seam Sealing machine is designed for the purpose of heat sealing a PU tape over the top of sewn seams on items such as Rainwear/Outerwear,  Active wear (skiing, snowboarding, cycling, sailing, climbing, paddling sports, hiking, hunting/fishing, golfing) Industrial work-wear, Waders, Tents, Military garments & gear, Hazardous Material Protective Suits. This acts to seal the seam and cover the puncture holes made by the sewing needle. 

This machine is  a base level machine, with both wheels  synchronously driven with  stepper motors on the upper and lower wheels. 

It has a multi-function display with large screen for for clear display of rate, temperature, operations and programming.


Sealing speed, temperature and actions are well controlled and are easy to adjust for accurate sealing..


When the working temperature is set, the machine looks after this control, keeping

the temperature accurate

For safety, the exterior of the heating pipe is tape wrapped for safety with the move in/out heater moving into position as you start to run.

Machine pictured is a basic spec, which is suitable for most standard applications.

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