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Universal no sew Bonded VX Sports, STATSports, GPSports, SPT, GPS tracking pockets

GPS pouch bonding service into players shirts or vests


Ultrasonic Bonding

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Sewing machine custom folding guides

Sew Systems Ltd for all your textile machinery needs.

We make a full range of continuous bonding machines as well as heat presses and seam seal machines.

We have a full engineering manufacturing plant as well as a sewing machine folding guides and attachments department.

We also have a small specialist sample/production bonding department.

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Sew Systems has full engineering facilities with specialist design and manufacture of components and specialised parts in both small and large quantities.

Standard and special design sewing Parts

Fabric Folding Sewing guides and attachments

Small and large bed Laser machines with camera scanning and cut

Contract laser cutting       Contract Bonding