SSU3010 30khz
Cheersonic (1).png


General Purpose Sealing
waterproof covers
Filter Bags
Medical Disposables
Cuffs sleeves collars patterns
Ribbons and Trims
Cutting and Joining
Embossing patterns and text

Top and bottom Rollers both mounted vertically give this 35khz machine a very positive narrow width drive.

A High output power unit with no ultrasonic sound because of the higher 35khz frequency, work with a wide variety of fabrics with at least 60% man made content.

The top roller can be changed to give different finishes from just joining and embossing fabrics to patterns for both embossing and cutting simultaneously. 

traditional needles and threads, eliminating  the associated problems with puncturing the fabric with needles, so is especially good for PPE, non woven gowns and safety equipment, giving a marked Increase in quality and productivity.


High tech titanium roller gives tooling a long life.