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Ultrasonic Machines

Ultrasonic sewing machines are playing an ever increasing role in a wide variety of industries and now also play an important part of garment construction and development, especially in PPE, face masks, non woven gowns, sportswear.

Ultrasonic's can be used for a wide variety of man made fabrics and plastics, with natural fabrics also being able to be used with a minimum content of at least 60% thermoplastic.

Materials used widely for sealing and cutting filter bags, waterproof covers etc as there is no needle perforation.

Gives beautiful smooth seams to lightweight lingerie and sportswear fabrics and also great for joining to Velcro and polyester straps.

With fabric joins that can be made totally flat against the body, with a bonded tape on to, can be up to 4 x stronger than a sewn seam.


30khz Series


28khz Series


20khz Series


15 and 20 khz

post Series

Bar tack


Ultrasonic SSU-015R Ultrasonic SSU-3010RD Ultrasonic SSU-015 Ultrasonic SSU-2014 Ultrasonic SSU-2810

Hand Tacking unit