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Conditions for Sales of Machinery
All information provided in this website related to machinery is accurate and correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication.
illustrations and specifications are not binding in detail and are subject to change without prior notice. Errors and omissions excepted.
Guarantees on performance and suitability of machinery cannot and will not be given due to the nature of the textile industry, where customer’s fabrics types and methods of production cannot be foreseen.
Sew Systems Ltd disclaims all express warranties included in any materials, and further disclaims all implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purposes, and non-infringement of proprietary rights
Specifications are approximate only and intended solely as a guide. Sew Systems Ltd is not liable in anyway whatsoever with regards to discrepancies between our catalogue or quotation specifications and the actual machine. Customers bear the burden to verify all specifications concerned.
The equipment or machinery sold does not necessarily incorporate approved activating mechanisms, operator safety devices, or safety guards as required by CE, OSHA, or other standards. It is the purchaser's responsibility to equip the machine with any necessary safety devices before placing the machine in operation.

Before Placing Order
Customers are strongly advised to personally inspect the relevant machines prior to placing an order. This is to ensure that the condition of the machines being ordered is at par or exceed customers' expectations. 
Customers are strongly encouraged to confirm machine specifications with personnel in righting at Sew Systems Ltd before placing an order. This is to ensure that customers do not place an order based upon out-of-date information or specifications.
All quotations given (either through fax, e-mail, or correspondence) are normally valid for two weeks, unless otherwise specified.
Quotations given are subject to prior sale of the machinery concerned.
Prices indicated in the quotation are ex-works pricing. This means that price quoted does not include any transportation, freight, handling charges, or transit insurance coverage.
Price validity is based on currency exchange rate effective on the date of quotation. Any fluctuations on currency exchange rate will be on buyer's account.
it is understood there are no conditions or agreements whatsoever outside of the quotation. All prior conversations, agreements or representations with reference to the subject matter are superseded.

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