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Sew Systems \supply  and support a wide range of  CO2 laser machines from very small design studio machines up to large format production units with conveyor bed s and optical shape recognition and cut..

Please get in touch to find out the details to suit your needs.

We also provide a laser cutting service  for small batch and complex patterns

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Auto feeding laser with conveyor bed and camera system picking  out then cutting identical patterns from both sides of the lace panel as it moves through the machine on a continuously feeding  bed..

There are many sizes and types available. Please click on the links below

900mm x 600mm

1200mm x 800mm

1600mm x 1000mm

Large camera laser systems

All lasers come with an air pump, water cooler and extraction fans. Filter systems available on request.

Optional extras include

Motorised bed height

Conveyor bed system

Twin lasers

Camera recognition system

Different laser power outputs